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Fri Aug 1 13:18:53 EDT 2003

Farms are going under the hammer as the younger generation refuses to take
up life on the land, writes Geoff Strong.

"Walk this way, gentlemen," instructs real estate rookie Brett Condely. He
then heads off, shoulders swinging, in one of the silliest walks
imaginable. This sort of gag might not shift much property in the city,
but up in Kerang his patter is working fine.

And spruiking real estate for a living, he reckons, is a lot more
convivial than the bum-numbing 14-hour stretches he used to spend talking
to himself on a tractor. In the reshaped Australia of the past
half-century, Condely is part of one of our fastest-growing demographic
groups: former farmers.
Farmers are also counting the cost of animal liberation. Due to changed
state laws, farmers such as Szepe will, in the next few years, have to
increase chicken cage sizes. It means he will need a $750,000 bank loan
that will have no return through increased production.

There have been other changes too. For some reason Australians have come
to prefer brown-shelled eggs, so the flock has been replaced by chickens
that produce 99 per cent this colour. Curiously, Americans only want white

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