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July 29, 2003


Dale Peterson, author of the critically acclaimed book Eating Apes (UC-Press), will continue to raise awareness and support for the bushmeat crisis through a pair of Los Angeles lecture appearances this week.

Peterson will speak at the Los Angeles Zoo on Friday, August 1, in the Grand Room at 6 p.m. Advance reservations are not necessary, but admission is $15 and can be applaied towards the purchase of a copy of Eating Apes.

Peterson will also be a featured speaker at the Animal Rights 2003 - West convention, which will be held August 1 - 5 at the Westin LAX Hotel. Among the panels to which Peterson will contribute are "Animal Cognition" (August 2), "Abusing Our Cousins" (August 2), and "Animal Abuse / Africa" (August 5).

Peterson spent two years in Equatorial Africa researching Eating Apes, which delves into the illegal and unsustainable "bushmeat" trade that has forced chimpanzees, gorillas and other primates to the brink of extinction.  Once a cultural norm, the practice of killing and eating great apes in Africa has been exacerbated by war, industrialization and population growth, leaving our next of kin almost impossible odds if they are to survive.

The New York Times called Eating Apes "vivid, urgent and outrageous to a broader public," while the Toronto Globe & Mail said the book is "by far (Peterson's) best work to date: It has breadth and depth; the writing is crisp, clear and engaging." Publisher's Weekly picked Eating Apes as a "breakout" book for 2003.

Peterson, whose other credits include The Deluge and The Ark, Storyville, USA, and Chimpanzee Travels, also collaborated with Jane Goodall on books such as Visions of Caliban, Africa In My Blood, and Beyond Innocence. He is a professor at Tufts University in Massachusetts. 


"Vivid, urgent and outrageous to a broader public…"
The New York Times

"By far (Peterson's) best work to date: It has breadth and depth; the writing is crisp, clear and engaging."
Toronto Globe & Mail

"This book, with its critical assessment of the wildlife trade, comes not a moment too soon and carries an important message."
The Economist

"This book has a terrible title, conjuring up images of roast loin of chimp or gorilla stew. It is absolutely appropriate."
Times of London

"Eating Apes describes a tragedy we haven't been allowed to read about in such detail. Buy the book, read it, weep - then seriously consider taking some of the steps Peterson recommends."
Sacramento Bee

"Riveting…Eating Apes addresses compelling material, and deserves a wide public."
--The Washington Post

"This book is likely to inspire not only anger but also unease about the direction taken by mainstream conservation…(Peterson) writes with a clarity, grasp and hard-edged irony that would do credit to a classy thriller."
BBC Wildlife Magazine

"Peterson is never shrill, and rarely does his tone become emotional; he does not overwhelm readers with evidence, yet his evidence is extensive."
Publisher's Weekly

"Peterson and Amman's book is a bold and brave j'accuse of the logging and conservation organizations who are spearheading this latest attack. You must read this book. And then you must follow the advice of Peterson and Amman as to what you can do to help stop it."
Roger Fouts, Next of Kin

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