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Wed Jul 30 15:49:54 EDT 2003

[from Sacramento Bee]

A little sign on the refrigerator says, "Cooked food is poison."

It's the first clue that this is not your everyday suburban potluck
dinner, even though that's exactly what it looks like.
The raw-food diet, also called a living-food diet, is much more than a
menu. It's a way of life and a belief system. The tenet is simple: Cooked
food is toxic, and only uncooked foods are healthful. In practice, it's a
diet with no animal-derived products (no dairy, eggs or meat) and nothing
that has been heated above 118 degrees. That means no herbal tea, no
lentil soup, no tofu.

Given all that is denied, the potluck's varied flavors and textures are
impressive. Many of the dishes are delicious.

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