AR-News: (CA) City slickers can't grasp life on farm

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Tue Jul 29 22:41:02 EDT 2003

[opinion from Winnipeg Sun]

Bill the musician called my chat show to tell me he wanted to play the
devil's advocate. (Doesn't the devil have enough advocates?)

Bill said he lives in the Steinbach area, where he eyeballs rich farmers
motoring into town with their shiny new gas-guzzling Ford Excursions. The
music man doesn't want to hear these rich people singing the blues. He
says he is sick and tired of hearing from whining subsidized farmers.

They made their beds.

They overextended themselves and deserve no sympathy.

This call lit up the switchboard with angry cattle producers and those who
care deeply for them. 
But Bill represents the typical urban Canadian, blithely ignorant of those
who till the land and nurture the animals who live on it.

He may also be an unwitting victim of PETA (the People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals).

Over the years, animal rights organizations like PETA have done a
"magnificent" job of disparaging our friends and neighbours down on the farm. 
How many of you have ever asked a vegetarian or a vegan why they do what
they do?

Why do they turn down the burgers, say no to the steaks, turn up their
noses when Mom takes the pot roast out of the oven?

Some say they do it for their health. But many say it is immoral to kill
animals just to feed your face.

And how many of us argue with them?

A politically correct city slicker never argues with a vegetarian who
says, "I love animal life too much to eat it."

When you fail to challenge an assertion, your side loses.

We carnivores have been losing for a long time. 

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