AR-News: (US) Photos of Dead Hogs Near Nicollet Stir Controversy

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Tue Jul 29 22:35:28 EDT 2003

[from Minnesota Ag Connection Editors]

A man dressed all in black and his two companions showed up at a farm near
Nicollet, Minn., and took photos of several dead hogs awaiting a rendering
plant's truck. Then the farmer accused the three -- all animal-rights
activists -- of trespassing and, with persuasion of a deputy sheriff, got
the digital photos erased.

The visit in April has touched off a wave of controversy about feedlots,
terrorism and public records across southern Minnesota and as far away as
The animal-rights incident "obviously shook some people up and raised
questions about the vulnerability of farming operations," said Nobles
County Attorney Gordon Moore, who is defending the $250 fee.

But taking pictures of dead hogs is a ways from terrorism.

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