AR-News: FW: [closehls] HLS Protest at National Animal Rights Conference 2003

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Tue Jul 29 20:56:06 EDT 2003

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On the last day of AR2003 West, join conference-goers and HLS activists
from around the country to protest one of HLS's most notorious
customers, Sumitomo.

August 6
1:00PM - 2:30PM PST 

Sumitomo Corporation of America
444 South Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071-2949

If you are coming from the airport or the Animal Rights 2003 National
Conference and need a ride, free transportation will be provided from:

The Westin at Los Angeles Airport
5400 W. Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

A well rested and loud screaming voice, your comfortable walking shoes,
and an undying determination to close HLS forever!

SHAC-USA is whipping out its shades, slathering on the sunscreen, and
going HLS customer sightseeing in the Hollywood Hills and into downtown

August 2nd to the 9th marks the international week of action against
Japanese customers - and activists the world-wide from London, New York,
Tokyo and Los Angeles will hammer away at HLS's support base. 

Japanese customers make up a hefty percentage of HLS's business, and
Huntingdon is desperately hoping to grow in this sector as many American
and European companies are now shunning this failing lab. Each and every
day companies like Yamanouchi, Santen, and Sumitomo pay HLS to violently
poison, terrorize, and butcher countless hundreds of rabbits, dogs,
primates, mice, and birds. It is their patronage that keeps this
otherwise financially (and ethically) bankrupt company in business. 

Time to teach them the SHAC lesson so many other companies have learned
in humiliation and defeat, that you will be held personally responsible
for each and every animal that is punched and poisoned in HLS! SHAC
activists are NOT your grandparents ASPCA or Humane Society and our
protests are no longer aimed at engaging animal abusers in futile
discussions. The SHAC campaign instead seeks out and destroys those who
happily fund and carryout the heinous crimes of vivisection. 

Join hundreds of SHAC activists on August 6th in downtown LA to protest
against the Japanese chemical company Sumitomo. With sobering visuals,
celebrity speakers, and loud activists - a clear message will be sent to
Sumitomo (and all other customers of Huntingdon paying attention) that
if they make deals with the devil (HLS) - they are going to get burned!

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