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Subj:    Jordan Dog Story to Air on TV 
  Date:    7/26/2003 7:47:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time 
  From:    Four Paws Trail <fourpawstrail at> 
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Yesterday I posted an alert for help for a dog being flown from Jordan to 
the U.S. for corrective foot surgery. The dog arrived in the U.S. at 
approximately 6 pm EST today.

Channel 7 News - WXYZ TV in Detroit - plans to air the story this evening 
if possible.  If it is too late to air it tonight it will be tomorrow or 
Monday - but they WILL air the story.

This effort on behalf of  the staff at Channel 7 will help us raise the 
funds needed to help this poor dog and will most likely result in some 
offers of good homes for him (all of which will be thoroughly checked out).

There is also a possibility that Channel 4 - WDIV TV - will air the story 
also.  It is presently being reviewed by their producers.

Rest assured, as soon as I know, I will let you all know.  In the meantime, 
please do what you can to let others know about this dog. The more people 
know about the situation, the more help can be given.

As additional stations consent to air the story, I will let you know.



Subj:    Jordanian Dog Flying To US For Surgery--Donations Needed  
  Date:    7/26/2003 6:51:46 AM Eastern Standard Time 
  From:    DTanzer16 


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Subj:    MEDIA/NEWS RELEASE: Jordanian Dog Flying to U.S. forCorrective Foot Surgery 
Date:    7/26/2003 3:01:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time 
From:    Four Paws Trail <fourpawstrail at> 

Saturday, July 26, 2003

CONTACT: Four Paws Trail at fourpawstrail at

A caring individual volunteering at a Jordanian Humane Society approached 
Four Paws Trail to assist in bringing this lovely dog to the U.S. for 
corrective surgery on his front paws, raising funds to pay for his surgery 
and care, and also finding him a good home in the U.S. This lovely German 
Shepherd arrives in the U.S. from Jordan on Saturday, July 26 .

His malformed front paws can be seen in the photos attached and his chances 
of finding a home in Jordan with this malformation are next to zero.

Our new canine resident, who has a delightful disposition and 
temperament,  presently has room and board through next Wednesday at which 
point it is hoped his surgery will take place in Michigan. Plans are 
presently underway to bring this to fruition.

The cost of the surgery which will correct the malformation is in the 
region of $2,000 per leg and other veterinary costs will most likely be 
added to that.  After surgery, he will have a lengthy recuperation after 
which he will need a loving home right here in the U.S.

If you would care to contribute to his care, you may contact:

Tim Meeker
Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program (FVEAP)
Email: fveap at
Web site:

Tim, the founder of the FVEAP,  has kindly agreed to handle the collection 
of the donations for the dog and will transmit them appropriately to the 
veterinary staff involved in his care.

You can PayPal to fveap at or check or money order to: FVEAP, 
1282 Stabler Lane, Suite 630-117, Yuba City, CA 95993.

If you would like to volunteer for any other aspect of the dog's care or 
are interested in fostering him during his recuperation, giving him a home, 
providing any other "creature comforts" for him, please contact:

Four Paws Trail
Email: fourpawstrail at
Web Site:

A web page devoted to the dog will appear on both the FVEAP site and the 
Four Paws Trail site within the next 24 hours and regular updates on the 
dog's progress will be posted on the sites.

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