AR-News: Rabbit Rescue Group Seeking Help in Animal Cruelty Case

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Thu Jul 24 12:39:37 EDT 2003

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Rabbit Rescue Group Seeking Help in Animal Cruelty Case
Rabbit Thrown From Car on Highway One

Contact: Margo DeMello or Erin Williams, HRS, (510) 970-7575

RICHMOND, Calif. (July 24, 2003) =E2=80=93 House Rabbit Society (HRS), a na=
tional nonprofit organization headquartered in Richmond, is seeking informa=
tion leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsi=
ble for a terrible act of animal cruelty that occurred this past week.  Whi=
le driving on Highway One south of San Francisco, two anonymous witnesses s=
aw what appeared to be an animal thrown out of the window of the car ahead =
of them.  After stopping to investigate, the people discovered that a very =
small, badly hurt and terrified black rabbit had in fact been thrown into t=

The witnesses picked the rabbit up and took her to a local shelter, where s=
he was given morphine for her pain.  Fully expecting the rabbit to perish, =
the shelter staff was shocked to see the tiny creature fighting for her lif=
e.  The shelter contacted a local rabbit rescue group called Rabbit Haven (=
phone 831-440-0282), which cared for the rabbit over the weekend and arrang=
ed for her to be placed into foster care with HRS.

The rabbit, now named Samosa, is a very small lop-eared female, and she is =
suffering from serious skin abrasions.  In addition to her injuries gained =
from the abuse on the freeway, she suffers from severe foot injuries likely=
 caused from being constricted in wire cage.  She is also nearly bald, with=
 only patches of black fur remaining on her tiny pink body.  Rabbit rescuer=
 and HRS Executive Director Margo DeMello explains, =E2=80=9CIn cases of se=
vere neglect, rabbits often pull out their own hair due to acute psychologi=
cal distress.=E2=80=9D

DeMello continues, =E2=80=9CIt is shocking that acts of cruelty such as thi=
s occur, and yet we see time and time again tragic cases of neglect, abando=
nment, and abuse.  This rabbit joins so many others like her at the HRS she=
lter and in our network of foster homes.  Rabbits such as Rudy, the trustin=
g, quiet rabbit whose =E2=80=98owners=E2=80=99 were going to use him as bai=
t for pit bull fighting, are also in need of loving, permanent homes.  Sinc=
e July is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, we encourage anyone wishing to adop=
t a rabbit or make a donation to contact our shelter.=E2=80=9D

HRS, which works with animal shelters throughout the United States, is also=
 seeking donations from compassionate people for a medical fund for Samosa =
and others like her.  Photos of Samosa can be viewed

If you have information that could assist the investigation, or would like =
to help offset medical costs for this rabbit and others like her, please co=
ntact HRS.  In addition, the shelter is also seeking homes for Samosa and o=
ther rabbits in your area - interested people may contact HRS at (510) 970-=
7575.  Donations may be sent to HRS Headquarters, 148 Broadway, Richmond, C=
A 94804, attn: Samosa Fund.=09=09=09=09
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