AR-News: Paul McCartney takes aim at Colonel Sanders over chicken cruelty

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Paul McCartney takes aim at Colonel Sanders over chicken cruelty 

LOS ANGELES (AFP) - Pop superstar Sir Paul McCartney fired a salvo for
chicken rights, accusing fast food giant KFC of condoning cruelty to the
birds that end up as take-away meals. 

 The vegetarian former Beatle published an open letter to the president
of the company that the jovial Colonel Sanders made famous, calling on
KFC to heed animal rights activists' appeals for it to reduce cruelty to
the birds. 

"If KFC paid for dogs or cats to be treated the way these unfortunate
chickens are treated, they could be charged with cruelty to animals," he
said in the letter to KFC chief executive David Novak in the Louisville
Courier-Journal, the local paper in KFC's home town in the state of

"These remarkable animals are deserving of at least a little kindness,"
he said in the letter written on behalf of People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals, which this month sued KFC for allegedly disguising
"grotesque abuses inflicted upon chickens by suppliers" in its online

McCartney called on KFC and its parent company Yum! Brands to implement
an eight-point PETA plan aimed at improving the treatment of the poultry
that he said would "end the most egregious forms of abuse" endured by
the birds. 

"For example, I would like to see KFC stop allowing chickens to be bred
and drugged so that they become so heavy that they cripple under their
own weight," the singer wrote. 

In addition, he asked Novak to see that suppliers improve their methods
of slaughter to eradicate the birds being scalded to death in feather
removal tanks and to phase out electric stunning and burning the beaks
of birds. 

McCartney's public appeal comes after PETA sued KFC and Yum! Brands in
Los Angeles over their allegedly deceptive advertising claims over the
way their suppliers treat chickens. 

"KFC has said from the outset that they will not allow the animals to
feel any pain, (but) in fact every moment of these animals' lives is
characterized by unmitigated misery," PETA's Bruce Friedrich said

The animal rights group has also claimed victory in its campaigns
against other US fast food outlets aimed at stopping cruelty to animals,
including McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendys. 

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