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Corrected email addresses and sample letter.



Please write to protest the capture and transfer of 200 dolphins from
Solomon Islands to Mexico. 33 of these dolphins are scheduled to be sent to
Parque Nizuc in Cancun. Robert Zambrano is the president.
<mailto:desint at> desint at
All of these dolphins are sceduled for amusement parks in Mexico. The
Mexican Government has stated that they will allow the importation of these
 Mr. Zambrano is part of the Trilateral committe (MEX. USA. and CAN) on
wildlife conservation.
Mr. Zambrano is active in the Government of Vincente Fox, including
participation in the Mexico Action Summit.

Sponsors of Parque Nizuc include:
TelMex, Pepsi, Fuji Film, Dos Equis Beer, American Express.

Source of much of this information comes from Sue Arnold.

On July 21, 2003, the media was barred from the Honiara airport and the
dolphins were loaded onto a cargo plane bound for Mexico.

Please contact the following people in SEMARNAP (Mexican agency on the
environment) and express your opinion on the Mexican Government ignoring the
pleas from Australia to not accept these dolphins. Ask that they be returned
to the ocean where they belong.

Dr Jose Bernal
Director de Vida Silvestre. Profepa
E-mail:  <mailto:jbernal at>
jbernal at

Lic. Victor Lichtinger
Secretario del Medio Ambiente
E-mail:  <mailto:vlichtinger at> vlichtinger at



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Subject: Solomon Islands dolphins


Lic. Victor Lichtinger
Secretario del Medio Ambiente


Dr Jose Bernal

Director de Vida Silvestre. Profepa


Mr. Lichtinger and Dr. Bernal,

  I am writing to express major concern over the Mexican Government allowing
the importation of several dolphins from the Solomon Islands. The antiquated
custom of placing these highly intelligent animals on display for public
amusement no longer has appeal to the public.

  It is my understanding that the Mexican Government allowed this
importation for Parque Nizuc, even after pleas from the Australian
Government not to accept them. Media was barred from the Honiara airport and
scuffles erupted between media and guards associated with the sellers. 

  The world opinion on this transfer of dolphins is against the Mexican
Government policy. Why has the Government taken this position and can it be
changed? The best place for these dolphins is in the ocean where they

  I ask that you review this situation and reverse the policy. Please
release these dolphins back into the ocean where they originated and allow
them to live free. As agents of the Governmental department charged with
protecting the environment; I believe that you can reverse this policy. I
understand that Mr. Robert Zambrano (president of Parque Nizuc/Trilateral
commission) is influential with the government of Vincente Fox but, that
should not affect the decisions made. The only reasons that can be expressed
are for monetary gain and not for conservation of these magnificent animals.
Dolphins die in captivity on a consistent basis. Protecting these animals
should be the charge of your agency.

  Please review this decision as public outcry around the world is growing
stronger against this action.

Thank you,



Don Elroy
Tennessee Network for Animals
P.E.A.C.E. Project
Promoting Education and Action for Captive Exotics


"A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants
and animals as that of his fellow men, and when he devotes himself helpfully
to all life that is in need of help.
-Albert Schweitzer-at his death


The story:



Latest news on the appalling plight of up to 200 dolphins held captive in
shallow pens on Gela Island in the Solomons is that a pen containing 33
dolphins has been set up near Honiara . These dolphins are due to be
exported to Cancun, Mexico in the next few days.

Mexican activists have told Australians for Animals, that a chartered DC l0
, believed to be from Canada, has landed in Cancun to pick up 33 crates
which will be flown to Honiara on Monday. The flight from Cancun to Honiara
takes 20 hours.

In Honiara, the dolphins will be hauled out of the water, lifted by cranes
or forklifts into crates, packed into the DC l0 and forced to endure a
horror journey. Crates are primitive, and there will be ONE only Mexican
veterinarian and five trainers accompanying these already deeply traumatized
animals to Cancun.

The owner of the company which has financed the captures of these dolphins
is Mr Bernardo Zambrano according to Mexican activists who have obtained
this information from CITES documents. He is brother or son of the owner of
CEMEX, the world's largest cement company. The cost of the charter is $US l

Small pens confining dolphins must have a complete water change every l5
hours. Dolphins require much ice to keep them cool. It is unlikely that the
DC l0 can carry the amount of water or ice needed. As the plane will have to
stop to refuel and hopefully change the water, dolphins may be forced to
endure a journey which could take much longer than 20 hours.

Australians for Animals together with Mexican, UK, and American activist
groups believe that many dolphins will die on the flight.

Sue Arnold, Co-ordinator of AFA said today that she would be formally
requesting that the Australian Government move urgently to instruct the
advance party of the interventionist force to take all steps necessary to
stop the flight out of Honiara and to make arrangements for the release of
all dolphins captured by the Mexican consortium.

She says: ' I've seen photographs of the pen constructed for the dolphins in
Cancun. It's a small shallow pen which is completely inadequate for 33
dolphins. Mexican activists have told us that the survivors will be
incarcerated in the pen with l5 Cuban dolphins who are believed to have been
captured in similar circumstances.

" The Mexican Government is heaping shame upon itself all over the world by
allowing this appalling trade in wild dolphins.

" The import is a violation of the CITES Treaty and the Mexican Government
knows it.

" We are dealing with an international slave trade in wild dolphins which is
aided and abetted by the Mexican Government.

"The trade has to be stopped . It is incumbent on the Australian government
as well as governments of other civilized countries to take immediate action
to bring the Mexican authorities into line and to ensure that all the
dolphins captured by the Mexican consortium are released.

" Australians for Animals is deeply encouraged by the growing global outrage
which has become so evident in the last few days.

"Governments need to realise that people do care ; that there is a huge
groundswell of concern for these dolphins. In responding to this outcry by
saving these dolphins, governments and politicians will deliver some long
overdue inspiration to our societies.."


For more information please contact:-

Sue Arnold, Co-ordinator, Australians for Animals Inc.

Phone: (61 2) 66843769 mobile: 0427257491

Email: sarnold at

2lst July, 2003

Sandra Abels
Ocean Defense International
OR Office 541-846-0218
WA Office 206-361-0736

"One of the penalities for refusing to participate in politics is 
that you end up being governed by your inferiors."  - Plato



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