AR-News: Entombed Cats (epilog)

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Thu Jul 17 21:24:33 EDT 2003


Today is one week since Eyecare Associates enclosed their foundation for
a second time. At least two cats have been unaccounted for since the
foundation was first enclosed four weeks ago. They were the litter mates
of the cat we found completely entombed after the river sand had been
packed in, blocking exits that existed previously. We had to tunnel
beneath the foundation wall to open a way to him. I believe that the
other two may have ended up in similar circumstance, but were not lucky
enough to be found. We foolishly turned the rescue over to animal
control, and they never made a decent search. They mainly just placed
traps at a few points and hoped cats would be able to get to the traps
and become trapped. Fortunately one did. Another apparently entered from
the outside and was also trapped. But the two that may have been deeply
entombed, they've not turned up.


It's time now to recognize those that worked so hard to bring rescue to
the few, and to try to rescue those that have not been rescued.

Here they are: (They all gave straight from the heart.)

The communicators:
Anita Paez, Bob Johns, Sheri Burtch, Pinckney Wood
The excavators:
"Roy", "Tom", Sheri Burtch, "That Man", Kyle Herndon, Pinckney Wood,
Bob Johns, "Harlot", "Mike"
The cameras:
Jimmy Fricke, Maria Alvarez
The trappers and all-night vigil watchers:
Anita Paez, "Roy", Mary Thrash, Sara Beaty, Karen Young, Lori Carroll,
Johnna Harris, Jamie Baltzer, Maria Alvarez
Media interface:
Leatrice Dupre
Special services - no charge
All Around Concrete Cutting, Inc., Bruce Wyatt, owner
Acadian Hydro-Tunnelers Co., Inc., Mark Peterson, President/CEO (fiber
The rest (who assisted in various ways):
Cathy Neuman, Helen Tanquis, Mouse the Cabby, Nancy Tracy,
Chief Ronald Vix and his firemen, Sympathetic officers of the Jefferson
Parish Sheriff's Office, Marcelle DeCorte, Diane Avettant, Virginia
Watermeyer, Michell Bond, Elaine Young, Clyde Foust, Curt Burnett,
members of the Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission, ALDF referred
attorney, Doris Day Animal League, Gretchen Hersman - In Defense of
Animals, Fund for Animals
[PeTA, HSUS, and ASPCA made calls but were persuaded (by the powers that
be) not to help us achieve our goal of a thorough search prior to the
re-closing of the foundation]
Their were others who helped who would rather not be named.
And I'm sure I'm leaving out a few who were there for the cats, but who I
didn't record.
(Please let me know who I left out.)
Each knows what they did: their spirits shall be enriched in appropriate


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