AR-News: (US) Groups Fight Over Fate of 174 Feral Chihuahuas

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Thu Jul 17 07:27:25 EDT 2003

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The case of 174 feral Chihuahuas on death row
in a Los Angeles animal shelter has pitted animal rescue groups
against each other in a debate over whether the purse-sized dogs are
too vicious to adopt.

The plight of the tiny dogs has prompted a war of words between rival
Chihuahua rescue groups, a candlelight vigil, and an outpouring of
offers of new homes and money.

Some experts have also warned that the adorable lap dogs, made wild
by years of inbreeding and roaming in packs in the home of their
elderly owner, were closer to miniature wolves than the cute breed
made famous as the Taco Bell mascot. 

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