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Tue Jul 15 11:35:03 EDT 2003

[from Oakland Tribune]

Lockyer tells them to avoid intelligence on religious, political groups
without clear suspicion

California law-enforcement officers are getting new marching orders in
combating terrorism: Don't collect intelligence on religious and political
activities without clear suspicion that people or groups are involved in a
Justice Department attorneys plan to give examples as an illustration to
intelligence analysts -- such as a protester who lays down in front of a bus.

"That's not something we consider as having any causal relationship or any
factual relationship to terrorism activity," said Peter Siggins, Lockyer's
chief deputy for legal affairs.

"As opposed to a protester who throws a brick through a window," added
Steve Cooney, the deputy attorney general for administration and policy.

"It depends on the window," said Siggins. "We don't see as particularly
terrorist-related someone breaking the front window of Macy's because they
want to protest the fact that they sell fur coats.... To attack that under
the rubric of terrorism is, I think, not right." 
Since its inception on Sept. 25, 2001, at a press conference featuring
Gov. Gray Davis and Lockyer, CATIC has issued 30 special advisories that
mention political groups in the Bay Area alone.

In addition to the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front,
which the FBI labels terrorist organizations, CATIC also kept tabs on
Critical Mass, Black Bloc, the Ruckus Society, International ANSWER, Earth
First and nuclear-disarmament groups.

Also mentioned: Bay Area Pledge, Not In Our Name, People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals, Sea Shepherd, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, the
Bay Area Independent Media Center and the International Action Center. 

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