AR-News: Grill-ready Smart Dogs Contain Egg Whites

Bill Dollinger bill at
Fri Jul 11 11:33:53 EDT 2003

Although standard Lightlife Smart Dogs are
vegan, the new "Grill Ready" Smart Dogs
and "Grill Ready" Bratwurst contain egg whites.
The company claims that the only way
to obtain the proper texture for these foods
is to use either wheat gluten or egg whites,
and that using either is "controversial."

While some people are allergic to wheat gluten,
it is hardly controversial.  Please contact
Lightlife and ask them to discontinue the use
of eggs in the following products:

Smart Dog Grill Ready Hot Dogs
Smart Dog Grill Ready Bratwurst
Smart Menu Veggie Burger
Smart Menu Chicken Patties
Smart Menu Chicken Nuggets
Smart Links Italian Sausage

Lightlife Foods 
153 Industrial Blvd
Turner Falls, MA 01376

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