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Thu Jul 10 11:47:30 EDT 2003

Three Spaniards were gored on Thursday as they were pursued by bulls down
Pamplona's narrow streets in the latest of the city's traditional bull runs.

The event involves running through the streets of the northern Spanish
town chased by six bulls on their way to the bull ring for the afternoon's
bullfight. On Tuesday two Americans and an Australian were seriously injured.
Campaign group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) plans to
present the mayor of Pamplona with thousands of postcards calling for an
end to the event. Over 22,000 signed postcards have been collected
throughout Europe in two weeks.

PETA would substitute the event with a "human run". Around 150 people took
part in such an event before this year's festival, running through the
streets wearing nothing but false bull's horns and red scarves. They say
this festival would attract more tourists and would put an end to the
cruelty endured by the bulls.

Thirteen people have been killed since 1900, the last an American, Matthew
Tassio, on July 13, 1995. Hundreds have been injured.

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