AR-News: 30 Cats & 3 Dogs Abandoned In Indiana

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These animals are desperate for homes.  Please pass on this alert to anyone
you know in those states who might be able to save even one little life.
Also, animals in need of transport are listed at the end.


PLEASE CONTACT DAWN AT phone number is 765-452-2241  if you can help!

I got a call from a woman in Kokomo, IN yesterday, and she was frantic.  The
man to whom she had rented a house had disappeared, leaving 30 cats and 3
dogs with no food or water and filthy litter boxes.  The woman herself has
health problems and is unable to take care of these animals, but she is
desperate to find places for them.  These cats are mostly DSH, but some are
DLH and there are a couple of Siamese.  All have been vaccinated, and many
of them are spayed/neutered.  These are mostly adult cats, I believe.  The
dogs are a Shih Tzu, a Lasa Apso, and a Pitt Bull, all really nice dogs.
Dawn Floyd is the woman's name, and her phone number is 765-452-2241.
Please do not have people contact me.  I have no other information except
what is written above.

From: Valerie Evans @ eeniepaws at
I am Valerie Evans with Teenie Paws Rescue. I am in GA and can take the
shih tzu and lasa, the only problem is I need help with the transport. Is
there any way you can help me set this up? I haven't called about them
because I don't know if I can get them transported. I have never set up one
of the transports like a lot of people do on here and wouldn't even know
where to begin.

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