AR-News: (US) NYTimes: In Eden of the West, Progress Takes a Toll

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Sat Jul 5 11:48:56 EDT 2003

In Eden of the West, Progress Takes a Toll

FORT BENTON, Mont. - There are days under the big sky of Montana when the human capacity for wonder is no match for the drama of a summer dusk. An eagle snatches trout from a gin-clear river, pronghorns dash over tan-colored hills, and the breeze out of the Rockies carries a sound for easy sleep - yesterday's snowmelt, today's waterfall.

It is then that the description of Capt. Meriwether Lewis, penned not far from here at the White Cliffs of the Missouri River, is ever fresh. "As we passed on it seemed as if those seens of visonary inchantment would never have and end," he wrote in spring of 1805.

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