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From:  Animals In Need 
Subject: PLEASE! Add your voice for the animals

PLEASE!  Add your voice for the animals to help get this program underway in your state...overpopulation of our animal friends only breeds...abuse.  Think of the unwanted ones in shelters, rescues, homeless walking the streets, the ones in terrible homes...the abused...much of this could be eliminated strictly thru spay/neuter....please do sign and please pass this to all your friends and family and keep this going worldwide.
Pets and Animals in Distress
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Press Release:
National Spay/Neuter Petition

Brenda Beck animal rights activist, and founder and President of Pets and Animals in Distress, a non-profit no-kill animal welfare organization, has begun to circulate a “National Spay/Neuter Petition” asking animal lovers, shelters and state legislators all across America to step up to the plate and be a “voice for those who cannot speak” to sign the petition and help pass new state mandatory free spay and neuter laws for all county and city kill shelters that are publicly funded to spend and use our tax dollars to help prevent pet overpopulation through this already implemented free spay and neuter program started last year in Dade County, Florida. 

To get this no-kill spay and neuter petition reviewed by each state legislation will require
a minimum of 500,000 animal lover signatures in every state to help get new laws passed to help reduce the overwhelming pet overpopulation crisis in that state that all public kill shelters face on the many innocent animals that are tragically being born and put to death everyday. Through a very simple cost effective state mandated low cost or free spay and neuter program will allow each individual county public kill shelter to offer to their own county residents a better solution to the pet over population crisis that animals have suffered due to our own irresponsibilities.

Each new approved state no-kill and spay and neuter laws would be cloned to replicate to follow the same no-kill and spay and neuter guidelines that were implemented last year at the Miami Dade County Animal Services in Dade County, Florida.

Every year six million companion animals die in kill shelters all across America, over 16,000 puppies, kitten’s dogs and cats per day, with no voice fighting for them. Beck’s “National Spay/Neuter Petition” goal is for every county and city kill shelter to model and clone itself on that of Miami-Dade Animal Services. Beck admits that many citizens have a “see no evil, hear no evil” view toward euthanizing pets. Pets and Animals in Distress, however, is a voice for animals who can only suffer in silence. To sign be a voice for those who cannot speak, please sign the “National Spay/Neuter Petition” petition at:

We are looking for animal lover volunteers in every state to help spread the petition to get signatures and to help pass this petition on other fellow animal lovers to do the same. 

Mary Alice Pollard ' Moonflower '
Canadian Voice for Animal's UK Rep.
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