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Oregon Bill Defines Animal Rights and Ecological "Terrorism" - (06/27)

Concern over an increase of animal rights and ecological actions in defense
of the earth has prompted an Oregon bill to help thwart these efforts.

State Sen. Ted Ferrioli, R-John Day, introduced Senate Bill 385. It would
provide for the prosecution of direct action activists for up to five years
beyond the normal statute of limitations. The additional time allows
prosecutors to investigate the activists who often act covertly and are
masters at hiding their identities.

The bill defines "ecosabotage" as a felony offense that interferes with
production of fur-bearing animals, timber, livestock or other animal
matters. It provides that animal rights activists may not interfere with the
management of wildlife, farms or forests.  Does this mean that writing
letters will be illegal, since they are aimed at interfering with animal
exploiting industries?

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) issued a report touting the burning and
destruction of 36 SUVs in Eugene, Oregon as the Most Vehicles Damaged in a
Single Action in 2001. It also
reported that in 2002, Oregon was the state where the Earth Liberation Front
(ELF), ALF's partner organization, was the most active. Nationwide,
vivisection facilities, logging operations, wildlife killing and other
activities involving the abuse of animals and natural resources have
been targeted by activists, prompting a knee-jerk reaction by legislators
across the country and by the pro-killing "U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance."

Take Action!

The senate has passed the bill by a vote of 23-6, and it now awaits action
in the House of Representatives. Oregon hunters and trappers are contacting
their state representatives in support of SB 385, so people concerned with
animals and wildlife need to also contact their officials and express their
displeasure with SB 385.

As activists continue to threaten exploitative industries, bills such as
these will continue to be introduced.  To fight this bill in Oregon, please
contact your state representative.  To find your rep, please see

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