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Please cross post this poignant memory and remember the future of the
Animals of Greece is still tenuous

From: Marijo Gillis

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You know Marijo, when we were speaking  on the phone earlier - I couldn't
help but wonder how  conditions were now for the animals in Salonica, a
large city in Northern Greece.  I worked there in the early 80's .  (One vet
has seen 800 poisonings in his small village area in the last 3 years in
this same area.)

When we arrived  at the municipal shelter,  we found dogs-- oh so many dogs,
sick , dying ,starving --even eating the babies that had just been born.
None of the surviving animals were separated by gender. Garbage bin liners
were full of dead, skeletal, disease ravaged dogs and cats dumped
unceremoniously outside the animal shelter  walls . Municipal shelters were
concentration camps for animals then as they continues to be in Greece today
. There were filthy cages filled with so many cats who were released to
forage in the filth immediately after spay and neuter. It was the most
horrifying scene I had ever witnessed in my life. It took  9 months of back
breaking, tearful and  frustrating labor to get the shelter working and
looking as a humane shelter should.

Dealing with the local government who wanted us to exterminate all the
animals was another nightmare. We refused to murder all these animals, but
it was so difficult to re-home the dogs especially and to be guaranteed that
they were going to safe and loving guardians and it was  oh so difficult to
follow up !

One trembling and shy  glance from these tortured creature and we did not
have the heart to snuff out their lives.  Now, that we were there, we wanted
to give them a chance.

The street dogs and cats were generally healthy as a rule, just dirty on the
outside, needing baths and TLC more than anything else. The dogs that were
brought to us, were occasionally fed by the locals. All that was required
was to spay or neuter them - return them and let them live out the lives
they were used to.

We had our share of horror stories , yet  I always felt there was hope for
the animals and the people;  given the proper encouragement and education -
but with a  compassionless government  hell bent on mass killing,  is it any
wonder why we hit brick walls whenever we campaigned to save them?

This disgraceful Olympic Scandal seems to have conjured up heart wrenching
How devastatingly Sad for the animals... and for all the people who have
worked so hard all these years to improve the situation for the Greek
Animals.  The animals in Greece exist in a living nightmare.  If the
government doesn't help them, I hope God will.

Mary Alice Flessa - Pollard (Nee Christodoulou)
Cornwall-United Kingdom


Marijo Anne Gillis - Founder
WAG-New York (Welfare for Animals in Greece - a Lobby Group)

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