AR-News: (US - Fl) Don't punish animals for human stupidity

Mary Finelli hello_itz_me at
Tue Jul 1 01:38:05 EDT 2003

Letter from Chas Chiodo, Alachua, Fl:

Gainesville Sun, June 29, 2003

Once again, the wildlife has to suffer and die because of human ignorance, 
stupidity or risk taking. Last week seven alligators were slaughtered 
because some kid wanted to swim in an area where there are alligators. Why 
they had to kill one, let alone seven is beyond comprehension.

In Florida, humans know that alligators are present in practically every 
river and lake, but we continue to kill them if they happen to bite or kill 
a human. Something is wrong with this scenario.

Every time we go into the water we take a risk of being attacked. It's a 
natural act for the gator. The same for sharks in the ocean. Life is full of 
risks and wildlife shouldn't have to be penalized because of human intrusion 
into their territory.

I heard that when Don Goodman, director of Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, was 
attacked and had his arm bitten off, he was upset that the gator that bit 
him was destroyed. We should all be upset at laws that say we must capture 
and kill these magnificent creatures because they attacked a human in their 
own habitat.

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