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Vegan Blues will open Monday's Go Vegan Texas! show on KPFT today. It is a 
new song written and performed by Butch Klotz with the local punk rock band, 
30 Foot Fall, and it is from their new album, The Doppler Effect.

                 "Men do not die, they kill themselves." --- Seneca

                 "The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient,
                   while nature cures the disease."  --- Voltaire

            Journey Back to Nature for Optimal Health

   this week on Go Vegan Texas on KPFT, 90.1 FM

"Animals in nature enjoy a much higher level of health than most people do. 
Cancer, heart disease, and stroke, the three diseases that kill 80% of 
Americans, are almost non-existent in the wild.  Wild animals follow the 
laws of nature. These natural laws dictate what, when, and how much, animals 
eat and drink.

"By learning to live by nature's rules, we can create the same high levels 
of health as the animals in nature, and have no need to resort to 
potentially harmful, invasive, or expensive remedies," says vegan 
nutrition/wellness counselor Loren Lockman, this week's guest on Go Vegan 
Texas.  "Every living organism is a self-healing organism."

In his "Handbook for Vibrant Living - Eight Keys to Optimal Health: Fasting, 
Sleep, Diet, Air, Water, Exercise, Sunshine and Emotional Poise," Lockman 
gives the essentials for creating wellness which he says is the birthright 
of each of us.  "It is our lifestyle choices that determine if we'll 
experience perfect health or, as is much more common, eventual disease."

A journey back to nature for optimal health, this week on Go Vegan Texas! 
with guest Loren Lockman, director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center, a 
health retreat on 18  wooded acres on top of a small mountain just outside 
Frederick, MD.

Tune in at 11am today, CST.

Thank you,
Janice Blue
host, Go Vegan Texas! and

Dr. Crystal Mark
co-host Go Vegan Texas! and
Member, Go Vegan Texas! Collective

Contact for Today's guest and co-host:

Tanglewood Wellness Center
Phone: 301-898-8901

E-mail: info at
Loren Lockman: Loren at

and for Dr. Crystal Mark, vegan chiropractor and nutrition counselor::

my favoritechiropractor at or (281) 292-0808

To contact us: go to our website:
and email: info at

Every animal you eat,
Was running for her life
Show Compassion, Go Vegan!

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