US - Teacher celebrates the soy of cooking

Orville A Knudsen oak at
Thu Jun 19 13:30:44 EDT 2003

Teacher celebrates the soy of cooking


Cooking with tofu can be a scary proposition.

Most people -- vegetarians and carnivores alike -- acknowledge the health
benefits of the soy-based product, says cooking instructor David Gabbe.
But some are turned off tofu because they think it is difficult to prepare
or they aren't sure what to do with it.

Gabbe is out to change that. The Garden Home resident and author of three
cookbooks will teach a class Saturday called "Tofu for Breakfast and
Lunch." It's one of five classes he's scheduled to teach this summer at
recreation centers in Cedar Hills and Garden Home.

Gabbe, 53, taught tofu and vegetarian cooking techniques in Southern
California before coming to Oregon in 1990. He plans to teach about 120
classes at community colleges and recreation centers throughout Oregon
this year.


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