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My Bon Voyage "Love Note" For Marijo
From: Kinship Circle
To: Marijo Anne Gillis
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 17:49
Subject: My Bon Voyage "Love Note" For Marijo

6/17/03--For Lucy, Robin & Untold Others Poisoned In Greece
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Marijo Anne Gillis - Founder
WAG-New York (Welfare for Animals in Greece - a Lobby Group)
TwinkiePerkyEbby at

*DISCLAIMER: The information in these letters is verified with the original
source. I cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information
or for the consequences of its use.

*Kinship Circle cannot guarantee the validity of email addresses. During a
campaign, recipients may change or disable their email addresses.

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Marijo Gillis, founder of WAG-New York (Welfare for
Animals in Greece - a Lobby Group), soon departs for Athens, along with
other representatives of North American animal rights organizations, to meet
with Greek government officials. She will likely step off the plane in
tears, knowing that the victims of mass poisonings, burnings and other
atrocities haunt the streets before her.

Please show your support by:
1. Sending yet another emailed letter (in our ongoing series) to voice your
concern about the vicious disposal of stray dogs and cats in Greece.

2. Expressing your participation in a formal Athens 2004 Boycott.

3. And, on a more personal note, visiting the official site for this
2004 Athens Olympics - Greek Animals Race For Their Lives:

Go the guestbook to give Marijo your best wishes and prayers for her
courageous journey to the killing streets of Greece.

=============CONTACT INFO=================

Theodoros Skylakakis, Deputy Mayor of Athens; email:
Skylakakis at

Prime Minister Costas Simitis; email: Mail at

Minister of Agriculture George Drys; email: ax2u025 at

Ambassador to the USA George Savvaides; email: Theophilou at

Ambassador to Canada Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos; email:
Embassy at

Greek National Tourist Organization; email: gnto at

Athens Olympic Committee Director Gianna Daskalaki; email:
MKandred at

grpressny at, tanea at

==============SAMPLE LETTER================

Skylakakis at, Mail at, ax2u025 at,
Theophilou at, Embassy at, gnto at,
MKandred at, grpressny at, tanea at

Honorable Greek Officials:

We join the international community in a boycott of all Greek tourism,
industry and commerce. We also stand firm in our boycott of the 2004 Olympic
Games--unless the vicious disposal of stray cats and dogs ends, immediately
and permanently.

We pray that when Greek officials and representatives of North American
animal advocacy organizations convene in Athens, inertia will give way to an
overhaul of the present system. We ask only that you emulate other civilized
countries, with nationwide humane reforms, including: Enforced animal
protection laws; well-funded shelters to protect and rehome animals;
mandatory neutering, vaccination and microchip identification programs; and
spay/neuter/release programs for animals on the streets.

As recently as May 31, Lucy, Robin, at least seven more dogs, and an untold
number of cats succumbed to weed killer laced inside bits of steak scattered
around a schoolyard on the Aegean island of Skopelos. These individuals had
names and meaning for the 250 students who regularly fed, walked and played
with them at Peparitheio primary school.

This is not the first time illegal poisonings have left animals hideously
mangled and dead. But this time the bait was arbitrarily dispersed where any
curious child could have handled it, licked a finger, and died. If the tears
of school children, distraught over the death of their beloved companions,
don't reach you--perhaps the prospect of human causalities will. Please
address the violence against animals in your country.

Apathy does not solve the problem. New animal protection legislation,
currently stranded before Parliament, does nothing to safeguard animals. But
worldwide media attention DOES do something. It jeopardizes the projected
financial outcome of the Games.

I fully support any nationwide efforts to outlaw mass poisonings, punish
animal abusers and improve the system of municipal shelters. I look forward
to your feedback.

Thank you,

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