(US-NY)right-to-fish bill passes in Assembly

Ronda Roaring rondaroaring at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 16 11:57:14 EDT 2003

A right-to-fish bill has passed in the Assembly and is
now being considered by the Senate EnCon Committee.
The bill is A. 2260 and was introduced by Assemblyman
Pete Grannis. It is going through the Senate under its
Assembly number. The bill allows "public fishing from
a vessel on all waterways of the state that are
navigable in fact or navigable in law." This bill is
the result of a court case where the landowner tried 
to close the river running through his property to
public fishing. The landowner won the court case. If
this bill becomes law, no one will have the right to
prohibit fishing on navigable waters running through
their property.

Please write a letter to Senator Carl Marcellino,
Chair, Senate Environmental Conservation Committee,
812 LOB, Albany, NY 12247, Fax: 518-426-6975 and tell
him you are opposed to this bill. If you have the
time, send a copy of your letter to all members of the
Senate EnCon Committee as well as your own state
senator. The names of members of this committee can be
gotten at http://www.senate.state.ny.us. Click on
"schedules," then the committee name.

If we allow anglers to have this legal right to fish,
it may be harder to oppose any attempt by hunters to
have a law granting them the right to hunt. We must
oppose this bill.

Ronda Roaring, Executive Director
New York State Coalition for Animals
571 South Danby Rd.
Spencer, NY 14883

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