(US-NJ) NY Times: Bear Season, and the Living's Uneasy

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Sun Jun 15 15:11:32 EDT 2003

Bear Season, and the Living's Uneasy


... Over the last decade, bears have become almost as much of a fixture here as squirrels are in more developed parts of suburbia. They roam routinely through backyards and sometimes along the edges of ball fields and school playgrounds, occasionally attacking dogs and pet rabbits and frightening people. In fact, two of the most notorious recent encounters in the state occurred here: On May 23, a bear bit a resident on the wrist and bicep and dislocated his shoulder after he tackled it as it was mauling his dog. On June 5, another resident shot a growling bear that had climbed onto the deck outside his log cabin home. 

Yet as state fish and game officials consider holding the state's first bear hunt in 33 years, opinion on the issue is sharply divided in this bear mecca, whose prevailing policy toward its burly guests is one of careful accommodation....
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