(WI) Another Update on Flores Goat Abuse Case and Goats

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Fri Jun 13 13:36:37 EDT 2003

Hi everyone,

One more update on the Flores/goat abuse case. The goats are now in a 
good situation and are being taken care of. Mr. Flores will have his next 
hearing on June 23 at the Montello courthouse. He faces felony animal 
cruelty charges and hopefully will not be able to have animals in his care in 
the future. Please write to the Judge below and ask that he give Flores the 
maximum penalty in letting his animals starve to death. Also, if you would like 
to donate funds to the care of these goats, you can sent them to:

TriCounty Animal Shelter, 
Po Bx 86, 
Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941
and inquiries can be made at the animal
shelter (920) 294-3042

Here is some "recap" information about the Flores case and the judge's 
contact information:
The Honorable Judge Richard Wright 
Marquette County Circuit Court
P.O. Box 749
Montello, WI 53949
Tel.: 608-297-9136, ext. 205
More than 20 goats were found dead in a pile on Florez’s property in early April, 
and approximately 32 emaciated goats and sheep were found still alive. Included 
in the dead pile were mother goats who encountered difficulty while giving birth 
and hadn’t received any veterinary care or assistance; their dead babies were found 
halfway outside of their bodies. The attending veterinarian’s report indicated that 
these animals suffered and died of starvation and neglect. 
Alliance for Animals

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