WTO - A Legal Analysis of Their Adverse Impact on Animal Welfare

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Please click on the link below to follow the full
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onstacle to animal welfare.



A Legal Analysis of Their Adverse Impact on Animal

by Peter Stevenson

(Peter Stevenson is an English lawyer. He works for
the organisation Compassion in World Farming, which
has offices in the UK and several other European Union
Member States)
The free trade rules of the World Trade Organisation
(WTO) have already had a highly detrimental impact on
measures designed to protect animals. 

U.S. laws to safeguard dolphins and initially their
attempts to protect sea-turtles were declared to be
inconsistent with the WTO rules. 

The European Union has abandoned its ban on the import
of furs from countries using the leghold trap, because
of fears it could not survive a WTO challenge.
Similarly, the EU still has not brought into force its
ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. 

This article examines the WTO rules and how they have
been interpreted by case law. It then identifies the
way in which the WTO rules need to be reformed if they
are not to continue to have a deleterious effect on
animal welfare. Finally, the article argues that WTO
members could quite properly interpret the existing
rules less restrictively in such a way as to permit
measures designed to improve animal welfare. 


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