The Independent (London) letter: PROFIT MOTIVES OF DRUG COMPANIES

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Mon Jun 9 13:13:26 EDT 2003

The Independent
June 9, 2003

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Dr Ray Greek

Sir: Regarding your articles on drug firms, recent estimates reveal it costs
approximately pounds 500m to bring a drug to market and that less than 1 per
cent of this cost is due to animal testing. The drug companies are able to
bring their product to clinical trials on humans by claiming the tests on
animals are predictive for what will occur in humans. They also receive
liability protection based on the animal tests; therefore animal tests give
a very good return for a minimal investment.

Unfortunately, animal tests do not predict what will happen when humans take
the drug hence humans are injured and sometimes even killed as a result. The
drug companies have better methods for testing drugs but these are more
expensive and since they are not as well known to the public may not offer
the same liability protection.

Society needs to take a close look at how drug companies operate.


Medical Director

Europeans For Medical Advancement

London W13

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