ALASKANS: After 180 guilty verdicts each, they get to keep a couple of pets and move on.

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Mon Jun 9 11:53:14 EDT 2003

SHELBY, Mont. -- Two Alaska residents each found guilty of 180 counts of 
animal cruelty were sentenced in Justice Court on Friday to 10-year 
suspended sentences and no fines.
Jon and Athena Lethcoe-Harman agreed to relinquish almost all of their 191 
animals and waive their right to appeal.
She gets to keep one Siamese cat and Panache, a short-haired collie; he 
gets the fox terrier, Kryptonite. Lethcoe-Harman's mother, Nancy Lethcoe, 
gets to take two dogs, a tri-colored short-haired collie named Mystique and 
a non-neutered puppy of her choice.

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