Weak whale spotted near Tokyo

A. Sachiko rodent at ar.wakwak.com
Fri Jun 6 19:27:44 EDT 2003

Weak whale spotted near Tokyo

YOKOHAMA (Kyodo) A 10-meter whale that appears to be weak and having 
difficulty moving has been spotted near the mouth of Tokyo Bay, prompting a 
patrol boat to monitor it and alert nearby vessels, the Japan Coast Guard 
said Thursday.
The whale, whose species has not yet been identified, was discovered at 
around 11 a.m. Wednesday about 7 km southeast of the Miura Peninsula in 
Kanagawa Prefecture. It had floated to a point about 17 km south of the 
peninsula by Thursday morning, the coast guard said.

The whale is drifting away from the bay in a southwesterly direction, the 
coast guard said. 

The Japan Times: June 6, 2003

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