(US) Man Will Spend Time In Jail For Animal Abuse

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Tue Jun 3 12:14:36 EDT 2003

[from Dunn Daily Record]

The Lillington man charged with 27 counts of animal cruelty in April
pleaded no contest to 26 of the charges in District Court yesterday.

Marcus McNeill, 32, of Mamie Upchurch Road will spend the next 10 days in
jail, may never again breed or own any animal, and is to pay the county
$3,054 for the time his dogs were confined at the Harnett County Animal
Shelter. Judge Jimmy Love Jr. ordered the dogs euthanized and Animal
Control Supervisor Tino Medina said this morning the 11 dogs, two of which
were pregnant, were put to sleep last night. The dogs could not be adopted
out because they had been trained to fight, Mr. Medina said.

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