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Dear Friends,

below you will find contact details to send out your
letter in support of the proposed Resolution (details
in the previous email) and a sample letter. The
contact info and the sample letter have been provided
by Animals Asia Foundation. 

In addition, please keep writing. 
Send another email or letter to the Chinese embassy.
Ask all your friends and relatives, etc. to send out
emails and letters as well.
Collect a petition and send them to the Chinese
embassy in your area.
Write to the media and ask them to lead a letter
writing campaign for dogs, cats and wildlife in

Please ask (in your letters and petitions) China to
ban the consumption of dogs, cats and wildlife and
examine their health beliefs which have brought so
much pain and suffering to its animals and its caring
people. China has its share of caring people. Please
help to get their voices heard.
(for media contact in your area, visit,
<A HREF=""></A>
for the embassy contact details, visit
<A HREF=""></A>

Please find below the contact details and sample
letter provided by Animals Asia Foundation.

Thanks. Yoon

Mr. Chen Run Shen, Secretary General, China Wildlife
Association (CWCA), Beijing China. - email:
<A HREF="mailto:cwca at">cwca at</A>
fax: 8610 - 64238030

Dear Mr. Chen Run Shen,

We understand that the China Wildlife Conservation
Association and Dr.
David Chu Yu-lin are spearheading the call to ban the
trading and
consumption of wild animals in China.  We congratulate
your endeavours 
far, which have now led to Guangdong banning the
hunting, trading and
consumption of wild animals and we encourage the
escalation of this
initiative into all provinces across China.

Further, we encourage Dr. Chu Yu-lin's call for the
end in consumption 
dogs and cats, in the belief that these two species
are helping 
across the world as companions and friends of
humankind.  We hope that 
too will support such a ban, and implore the relevant
authorities to 
the good example of the Government of Taiwan who made
the practice of
eating dogs and cats illegal in January 2001.

Congratulations to you and all at the CWCA for all
your hard work and
endeavours which are helping wild, endangered and
domestic animals in

Yours sincerely,

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