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There are no words left for me to describe these people.
Perama stray poisonings raise questions 
SOME 35 dogs were fatally poisoned on the night of May 3 in the western Athens district of Perama. Perama Mayor Yiannis Lagoudakos brought charges on May 5 against persons unknown responsible for the killings. But local animal welfare groups believe the poisonings were organised by the municipality. "It was definitely done from within," Maria Matsouka from the group Kivotos told the Athens News. "The poison was laid out all over the municipality of Perama. It was done in the middle of the night and at the weekend so that no veterinary surgeries would be open to treat the dying dogs." Shortly before the poisoning, representatives from the Animal Welfare Society of Perama raised the issue of a sterilisation scheme for the stray dogs of Perama at a meeting with the mayor on April 30. The Intra-Municipal Centre for the Care of Stray Animals was inaugurated in Schisto on January 15 to offer medical care and sterilisation to the numerous strays roaming the western Attica municipalities of Piraeus, Nikaia, Keratsini, Korydallos, Haidari, Agia Varvara, Agios Ioannis Rendis, Drapetsona and Perama. 

ATHENS NEWS , 09/05/2003, page: A06 
Article code: C13013A063

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